The New Venom Trailer is Great!

Cinema Con is currently happening, a con for movie theater owners and the like. Footage was leaked from the new Venom trailer of Tom Hardy’s first transformation into Venom and it took the Internet by storm.

Many fans (in my opinion wrongfully) accused the first trailer of not giving us enough to care about the movie. With movies like this, where you know what the main character will become, do you really need that transformation in the trailer? What happened to being surprised?

On the flip side – if they showed the transformation in the first trailer I’m sure many would argue that they showed too much.

Either way – I think the trailer was great. Tom Hardy wouldn’t sign onto something like this if he didn’t believe in the story to tell, which makes me think it’s going to be pretty great. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!



Booking WWE’s Elimination Chamber Event

Monday Night RAW get’s to have one more show before WrestleMania happens in New Orleans. There are sooooo many story lines that will start at Elimination Chamber and set up WrestleMania’s card so let’s jump into it. If you want my full predictions – just scroll to the bottom of the article. Otherwise I go in-depth into possibilities and potential outcomes for each match.

Let’s start with the non chamber matches:

Asuka vs Nia Jax

Asuka isn’t great on the mic because of a language barrier, so WWE is doing the smart thing and having her face each and every woman on the RAW roster. They are letting her in ring skills build up her WrestleMania Match Hype. She’s already taken out Sasha Banks and Bayley and now faces Nia Jax at the WWE Chamber event. Expect Asuka’s winning streak to continue here.

Asuka defeats Nia Jax

Possible Swerve: Nia Jax beats Asuka clean or with the help of Alexa Bliss which puts Nia in the Main Event Picture at Mania somehow i.e. Nia face turn even though Alex helped her win.

RAW Tag Team Titles

WWE is in a tough spot as it doesn’t have a concrete babyface Tag Team to challenge The Bar for the Tag Titles. In comes The Balor Club. The Balor Club beat the highly regarded tag team of the Revival on RAW which puts them on the fast track to challenging The Bar. Look for The Bar to sneak one and extend the feud to WrestleMania where The Balor Club finally wins the RAW Tag Team titles.

Ronda Rousey’s Contract Signing: 

The latest rumors suggest Rousey will officially sign her contract at the Elimination Chamber PPV, and ultimately talking about why she is here and what her plans for WrestleMania are.

Some Type of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy Interaction: 

Not sure if we will get yet another match from there two, but look for it to be some type of clash or stipulation event that helps stretch there feud to Mania where hopefully the reborn Jeff Hardy will return and help his brother finally get rid of that “Vessel of Eviiiil”.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match: Winner Challenges Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

Roman Reigns, John Cena, Elias, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor

Based on the February 5th episode of RAW we know all of the competitors and that Elias will be the last to leave his Chamber which is a potential huge advantage. He likely will still be the last out, but I would love WWE to set up someone crashing into Elias’ chamber and have Braun or someone pull him out. Let’s talk eliminations.

Elias has had Cena’s number as of late so there is a possibility Elias bests the Cenation leader again, but look for Undertaker to make his annual appearance and cost Cena the match. Cena very likely the next night will call out the Deadman and challenge him to a match at WrestleMania. Look for this to be a Career vs Career match. Look for Elias to eliminate Cena thanks to the Undertaker.

The Miz is about to give birth to his first child so he likely won’t be Main Eventing Mania much less winning the title. Look for him to miraculously eliminate Braun Strowman somehow leading to them feuding at WrestleMania. Strowman will win his first Title at WrestleMania as Miz goes to take time off with his new baby. Look for the Miz to get eliminated likely by Cena or Balor.

So far we have the fates of Strowman, Miz, & Cena. That leaves Reigns, Elias, Rollins, and Balo. The WWE is high on Elias, but look for him to get eliminated. While it may not come down to Balor, Rollins, and Reigns in the end – look for Roman Reigns to win the Elimination Chamber.

Possible Swerve # 1: The only way I see this not happening is if Dean Ambrose can make a return by Mania. If so, I predict WWE might have Reigns lose and team with Rollins to Challenge The Bar for the Tag Titles at Mania. Ambrose makes a surprise return to help his Shield Brothers win the Tag Titles at Mania in a classic. Balor would then of course challenge Brock Lesnar in a Demon vs Beast match or a classic David vs Goliath storyline. Expect the Balor Club to help defeat the Beast at Mania if Balor wins the Chamber match.

Possible Swerve # 2: Why put Seth in the title hunt all of the sudden?? Something is happening back stage to help keep an insurance policy in place in case they suddenly pull the reigns (pun intended) back from Reigns winning and facing Brock. Reigns did eliminate Rollins at the Rumble so it’s not farfetched to expect Rollins to return the favor despite them still being members of the Shield. This same scenario could play out with Balor because the same question could be asked…why put Balor back in the match in the first place?

Winner: Roman Reigns (2nd Choice Balor or Rollins)

First Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: WWE RAW Women’s Title is On The Line

This one is very tricky. WWE hasn’t every stacked the deck like this for Alexa, as they have loved her as champion for the RAW brand (otherwise she would not have kept it for that long).

What makes this match tricky to predict is Asuka has not declared who she wants to face at Mania. This was before this match was even announced.

So what I will do is give my eventual prediction, but give scenarios as to how each woman in this match could win and potentially face Asuka.

Bayley –

Bayley is no stranger to Asuka which is an easy story to tell. It becomes an even bigger story if she returns the favor to Sasha Banks (who eliminated Bayley at the Rumble) and eliminate her from the match. This could lead to Asuka vs Sasha vs Bayley at Mania

Mandy Rose –

I full suspect WWE to have there two rookies not win here, but if they did it would put the rest of the women on notice on RAW. Rumors have floated around that the recent NXT Women’s call ups were because Vince was unhappy with the current Women’s Brand. If Rose wins expect WWE to add another star to her match with Asuka to give it more star power.

Mickie James –

A wiley veteran who needs no introduction to the Women’s Title. Mickie picking up the win here would be interesting, perhaps a sign that her time with WWE is coming to and end and WWE wants to reward her with one last title run over the next year. She faced Asuka upon her return so they could play off that match and what she learned about Asuka. What intrigues me about this match is if they did a generational influence in the match. Have  someone like Trish Stratus be in Mickie’s corner, and someone like Nikki Bella in Asuka’s corner.

Sonya Deville –

See Mandy Rose but change the name to Sonya Deville.

Sasha Banks –

Of the people in this match to MOST LIKLEY to take the title from Alexa would be Sasha Banks. She must be high on WWE’s radar to last almost an hour in the Royal Rumble match, and to also face Asuka in a WrestleMania wroth singles match on RAW. I felt like this match was a test for Mania. Look for Banks to turn on Bayley again in this match and solidify a heel turn as Asuka is well over as a Baby Face.

Alexa Bliss –

When the deck is stacked like this, this close to Mania it’s never looking good for the Champion. Personally I think Alexa should win this match and end up facing Nia Jax some how as there friendship now becomes a rivalry.

If Sasha Banks wins, expect a Singles Match: Asuka vs Banks

If Alexa wins, expect her vs Nia Jax

Likely Winner: Sasha Banks faces Asuka at Mania

Why Sasha? Carmella.

SmackDown LIVE teased Carmella cashing in on Charlotte earlier in the month likely to gage what Carmella being champion going into WrestleMania would be like with the WWE Universe. If Rhonda Rousey vs Charlotte is going to happen at Mania expect Carmella to Cash In before Mania. Rousey will likely appear on SmackDown and beatdown Flair – which leads to Carmella coming out to Cash In and Win.

If Rousey (as many have reported) is set to face Stephanie McMahon and HHH with a surprise Partner then expect Charlotte to defend her title at Mania to ultimately lose it to Carmella via Cash In.

Having Banks vs Asuka, ensures in my opinion that Asuka does not challenge both Women’s champions somehow.

This means Charlotte will likely face any combination of Becky Lynch, Ruby Riott, or Naomi at Mania. Worth noting, Carmella could just as easily cash in on anyone in this scenario. It has to happen at Mania if Charlotte is still champ by then.

I’d love to see a Triple Threat: Charlotte, Ruby Riott, and Naomi and have Carmella come out to make it a Fatal 4 Way.

What do you think will happen at the show? Sound off in the comments below!